Straw Man

Some may have had the experience of drinking tasteless vodka. Distilled to death and destroyed by cardboard filters with diamond dust. Georg Hiebl, worldclass distiller from austrian Mostviertel, wants taste. A lot of taste. And hence makes vodka from quinoa. It is exactly this vodka that we mix with the alpine flowers schnapps of his neighbor Josef Farthofer – who mowed his alpine meadow, dried it and distilled it away. A drink that tastes like jumping into fresh hay as a child. Liquid avant garde.


100ml (25,4 Vol %)


€ 160 per liter

In stock

User Manual

  • Place bottle in the freezer for 45 – 120 minutes
  • Shake before pouring in a
  • Tumbler  /  Wineglas
  • No  ice cubes
  • if desired: close eyes while drinking


Becketts Kopf
Cristina Neves and her husband Oliver Ebert have been running an ensconced bar in Prenzlauer Berg for over 15 years. What makes it unique, apart from hand broken ice and antique glasses, is that they nearly exclusively work with distillates from craft manufactures whose distillers they know personally. Several joint liquids originated from this long collaboration. Becketts Kopf is committed to the classic cocktail. Concise, hard and elegant.