Hazelnut ice cream

Made from Martin Stimmer’s delicate hazelnuts with sugar, a pinch of salt and Erdhof Seewalde’s stellar cream and milk. And that’s really all it takes for this hazelnut ice cream to be superbly creamy and flavourful – after all, Martin’s nuts are fatty (as indeed all hazelnuts tend to be) but pack the kind of taste you’d be hard pressed to find on a supermarket shelf. By the way: if you’re thinking of Nutella, this is nothing like it. It’s pure and delicate, allowing
the nuts’ intricate aromas to shine.
On top you get some caramelized hazelnuts, to give your ice cream the extra crunch.

Shipping ice cream is a logistical challenge and we haven’t quite figured that one out yet – so we’re sorry to say we won’t be able to send our delicious ice cream to you quite yet.

per box (500g)


€ 34 per kilo

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