Blackcurrant wood oil

Freshly cut blackcurrant wood, extracted overnight in rapeseed oil from Fläminger Genussland. A beautiful addition to any salad, yet as versatile as olive oil. 

Keep refrigerated to preserve the flavour.. It keeps as long as your normal olive oil, although we suspect you’ll be using it all long before it has a chance to go bad. It’s simply too tasty!

One bottle (250ml)


€ 56 per liter

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Celeriac root / cream cheese / blackcurrant wood oil

Here’s one of our favourite Nobelhart dishes for you to try at home:


1 celeriac root from Domäne Dahlem
50g cream cheese from Erdhof Seewalde
Some rapeseed oil or butter
Salt from Saline Luisenhall
blackcurrant wood oil


Scrub the celeriac root clean, rub it in rapeseed oil or butter and salt generously. Don’t chop it up! Place in the oven for one hour at 180 degrees, then for another 15 minutes at 210 degrees. 

Take the celeriac root out of the oven and cut it into eights. Marinate in oil and salt. Serve it on a plate with a small scoop of cream cheese.

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