Hazelnut and roast malt spread

Here’s a real breakfast upgrade. If you like Nutella, you’ll love our hazelnut and roast malt spread, containing zero palm oil or nasty additives. Instead, it’s made from Martin Stimmer’s delicious hazelnuts, sugar, a pinch of salt and of course our legendary, homemade roast malt, which lends it an exquisite depth.

Don’t worry if you’ll find a little liquid on top of the spread. That’s because hazelnuts are naturally full of oil. Think of it as a perk: that’s 100% pure hazelnut oil which you can use in your salad or with lightly fried vegetables. Also, our hazelnut/roast malt spread is a little more liquid than you might expect: give it a night or two in the fridge and it’ll set.

220 ml per glass


€ 56,82 per liter

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Use our hazelnut and roast malt spread wherever you’d usually use chocolate sauce. Maybe it’s time for your next hazelnut banana split: just add banana and a spoonful of our magic spread to high-quality ice cream. Or stir it into warm milk for a fabulous, hot chocolate style drink. Fancy some cake? Use instead of cocoa powder!

Recipes with our hazelnut and roast malt spread

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