Chive oil

Chives are a true kitchen all rounder – and can help lower high blood pressure, too! We mix up a good amount of fresh chives with a pinch of salt, rapeseed oil from Fläminger Genussland and then strain the mixture through a fine cloth. The oil captures chives’ spring-like, ethereal aroma without the spicyness.

One bottle (250ml)


€ 62.00 per liter

Out of season, expected back in April.

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Alternatively, you can try our chive mayo:


1 egg
150 ml chive oil
1 pinch Luisenhall salt
1 dash Apple vinegar or lemon juice
1 teaspoon mustard


Put the egg, mustard and salt into a large glass and briefly blend it all up with a hand blender, then dribble in the chive oil as you continue blending. Of course you can also use a whisk if you’re feeling particularly energetic.

You can use the chive mayo as a dipping for raw vegetables sticks, as a condiment to boiled meat as for example “Tafelspitz”, or simply as a base for a creamy dressing for your salad. It can also replace regular mayo in your sandwich or add a little bit of spiciness to your fries.

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