Barbecue sauce

In a way, we’re not doing this little gem justice by calling it a barbecue sauce. Sure, with the fruitiness of ripe tomatoes, the tangy spice of Olaf Schnelle’s fermented chillis, the acidity of white wine, the savoury goodness of garlic, celery and onions and the smokey aromas of our homemade smoked oil, this sauce practically begs for a place at your summer barbecue. Yet, it’s much more versatile than that. Because it’s neither sweet nor overpowering, it works beautifully with lightly grilled vegetables or tender fish. It also makes for a great pasta sauce to which you can add basically whatever you like. If anything, this is a true multipurpose condiment/base inviting you to get experimental in the kitchen.

per jar (240 ml)


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Recipes with our barbecue sauce

Zander / Barbecuesoße / Tomaten / Leindotteröl