2020 Spring butter

…made with cream from Erdhof Seewalde  (pasteurised).
David Peacock’s cows (Angler Rotvieh) are giving the cream for this beautiful butter which tastes like flowers and spring.

Per piece (250g)


€ 72 per kilo

out of season

French Buttercream


1.5 eggs (we like Erdhof Seewalde eggs best!)
40g organic sugar
100g butter


Have it pure on sourdough bread… or turn it into a magnificent French buttercream and add sliced rhubarb and cherry blossom sugar for a superb dessert.


Whip sugar and eggs over a water bath until the temperature reaches 80°C. Whip it again once it’s cooled down.
Allow the butter to soften at room temperature, then whip. Mix the butter and sugar/egg mixture.

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