6x Josephine No. 1 White wine glasses

This white wine glass can handle the most complex wines, yet is simplicity itself. Suitable for every setting, for pure unaccompanied enjoyment as well as part of a multi-course dinner. It is particularly compatible with young, lively, sophisticated wines, while keeping basically every wine pleasantly chilled.

All glasses are lovingly made by hand. Each piece is uniquely manufactured by traditional creative craftsmanship of the absolute highest quality.
Height 24cm, diameter 8,2cm

Please note that there will be additional shipping costs with Josephine glasses.

6 glasses


€ 42 per piece

Care tips:

A soft linen cloth and a watercolour brush are the best things for taking care of your glasses. If you are wondering how this works. Please have a look here.
The Josephinenhütte glasses are of course also dishwasher safe.