Gluten-free seed bread

For all those among you who don’t like or can’t eat gluten – and for everyone else too. This bread does away with all the nasty preconceptions you might have around gluten-free bread. It’s juicy, textured and rich, made from sunflower seeds, oats, linseed, hemp seed, hazelnuts and Grafschafter sugar beet syrup.
If you have a large freezer at home, we’ll be happy to send you a bigger batch frozen.

If you want to try on your own, have a look at our recipe, and click here… unfortunately it is only in German, but with a little google translate, you surely can figure it out.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from celiac disease this bread isn’t suitable for you.

Per loaf (500g)


€ 36 per kilo

In stock


Try it with our spring butter from Erdhof Seewalde to bring out all the flavours or add any of your favourite sweet or savoury toppings and spreads.