Villa Victoria

A cocktail with ethereal fruitiness, heady and enduring as it is embedded with Peter Day’s mirabelle brandy. The brandy is joined by his gin’s herbs, most notably junipers and cardamom. A light dryness is brought about by the unique vermouth of Stefan Dorst, the “flying winemaker” of the Pfalz. A drink as elegant as a grand hotel.

100ml (29,0 Vol %)


€ 160 per liter

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User Manual

  1. Place bottle in the freezer for 45 – 120 minutes
  2. Shake before pouring in a
  3. Tumbler  /  Wineglas
  4. No  ice cubes
  5. if desired: close eyes while drinking

Becketts Kopf

Cristina Neves and her husband Oliver Ebert have been running an ensconced bar in Prenzlauer Berg for over 15 years. What makes it unique, apart from hand broken ice and antique glasses, is that they nearly exclusively work with distillates from craft manufactures whose distillers they know personally. Several joint liquids originated from this long collaboration. Becketts Kopf is committed to the classic cocktail. Concise, hard and elegant.