Pork lard with greaves

Made from fat and greaves of Husumer Landschwein from Erdhof Seewalde with only a little bit of salt from the Luisenhall saline. 

Keep in the fridge after opening. We’re legally required to provide a use-by date, but the lard really does keep forever and a day. Rely on your sense of smell and taste to be sure.

This product can only be shipped inside Germany via Express. Please look at the shipping conditions to find out more. 

One glass (200 ml)


€ 54,60 per kilo

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Delicious on a slice of rye sourdough or to scoop directly from the glass. Works well with roasted vegetables – we recommend asparagus, young fennel or small kohlrabi!

Recipes with pork lard

Zwiebeln / Buttermilch / Griebenschmalz