Einkorn Koikuchi Shoyu

Koikuchi Shoyu needs little introduction: it’s the classic, universally loved dark soy sauce, made from salted and fermented soy beans. This variety adds an unexpected Bavarian twist with the addition of Einkorn grains from Mittelfranken. Of course, the soy beans aren’t imported either, but grown in Oberbayern. In any case, Markus and his team at mimi ferments are true masters of their craft. This sauce is straight forward, savoury and packs a punch. As indeed any good soy sauce should.

Einkorn Koikuchi Shoyu is gluten free, vegan and unpasteurised.



(€99 per Liter)


Use it exactly as you’d use soy sauce, in dishes requiring a little extra umami or in your salad dressing. Also be sure to get experimental and add it to chocolate ice cream or darker veggies such as beets or black radish or use it as a marinade for fish or meat.