Mustard Sauce

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Our mustard sauce is a true Nobelhart classic which has left many a guest begging for seconds. As always, this is thanks to the right ingredients – we use Einbecker Senf, also featured in our shop, as well as aromatic mustard seed from Bingenheimer Saatgut. Then we add white wine for acidity and of course a generous amount of butter for texture and flavour. So simple, yet oh so satisfying. You’ll want to lick it off your fingers! 

Keep the glass in the fridge once it’s open.

535ml jar


(€46.73 per 1L)


Here’s a real German comfort food staple: boil & peel some eggs, gently warm up the mustard sauce, and you’re good to go. Also be sure to try it with white fish or chicken. Or add broth to turn the sauce into a flavourful soup.