Beetroot spread

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

You know what’s a recipe for disappointment? Veggie dips from the health food store. But what to do if you’re not after a Leberwurststulle? Well, here’s your answer! 

Beet accompanies us in the northern part of Germany for many months of the year and regularly finds its way onto the Nobelhart & Schmutzig plates. This spread is a small tribute to this fantastic vegetable. Cooked beet and onions are mixed with a little caramel and then immediately deglazed with apple cider vinegar, plus a hint of chili and then it’s off into the blender. A wonderful earthy-fruity beet flavor – full-bodied, wonderfully fresh thanks to the acidity and the chili. And it’s unintentionally vegan to boot!


235g jar


(€44.68 per 1kg)


As a vegetable cream on your sandwich or as a dip for raw vegetables. If you want to boycott ketchup and co., you can use this beet dip in combination with French fries – just season the fries with our smoked salt and this is bound to knock them out of the park! If you dilute the spread with vegetable broth or beet juice, you can make a delicious gazpacho, which, when heated, becomes a… soup.