The Hearty One

The elemental aromas of Berlin Brandenburg – dried apple, onion jam, walnuts – coupled with some of our true kitchen classics: smoked butter and juniper oil to infuse that special taste into any meat or vegetable dish and roast malt/hazelnut spread to elevate your breakfast. Comes in Michael Sans’ bespoke, sustainable box; price includes packaging and shipping.

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Why not add a special Furoshiki style gift wrap by Frank Leder for a modest €24? This pure cotton cloth comes in a stunning anthracite blue and makes for an amazing apron.

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This box contains

Cookies in a jar
A childhood favourite of our patissier Thomas Hedde-Leitner’s, with delicate elderberry sugar and aromatic verbena. 

Dried apples
A throwback to grandma’s apple trees, courtesy of Isak Gumpert. Old variety apples from Brandenburg’s fields, lovingly dried at Nobelhart & Schmutzig.

Dried verbena
Treat yourself to a warming cup of tea with Wolkensteinerhof’s intense verbena – you’ll only need a few leaves for a truly aromatic experience. 

A simple pleasure of the highest quality. Vivian Böllersen’s walnuts are absolutely peerless in Germany. 

Onion jam with chamomile
One of Micha Schäfer’s classics, containing butter, whey and gently ethereal chamomile. Great on a sandwich, with fish, meat or to have straight from the glass. 

Wild juniper oil
Young, green juniper berries foraged by the Müritzfischer, extracted in rapeseed oil. A perfect counterpoint for wild game, root vegetables and salad.

Smoked butter
Siebengiebelhof’s clarified butter, gently smoked over beech wood – adds a pleasantly smoky aroma to your favourite savoury dishes. 

Hazelnut/roast malt spread
The darkness and depth of roast malt meets Martin Stimmer’s hazelnuts. Our vocally local Nutella alternative is guaranteed to elevate your breakfast.