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What’s the taste of Berlin? If you’re thinking Currywurst, think again. Berlin’s food culture is at once down to earth and refined, mild and spicy, sweet and savoury, both unapologetically rough and sophisticated. One thing is for sure: it’s never boring. 

The Berliner Fenster presents you with a selection of exquisite products portraying the diversity and vivaciousness of Berlin’s contemporary food culture. All lovingly hand-made from the best ingredients, by chefs and artisanal food producers who cherish amazing quality. (As opposed to three start up guys looking to scale & sell – you know the ones.) Each with their own distinctive approach, as part of a culinary culture that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

So far, getting a real sense of all that Berlin food culture has to offer meant coming to town and exploring our restaurants for yourself. Now, we’re bringing all this to you, in all its many facets and singular intensity.

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Smoked Butter

Siebengiebelhof’s clarified butter, gently smoked over beech wood – adds a pleasantly smoky aroma to your favourite savoury dishes. 

Wild Juniper Oil

Young, green juniper berries foraged by the Müritzfischer, extracted in rapeseed oil. A perfect counterpoint for wild game, root vegetables and salad.

Salted Caramel

Creamy sweet and salty deliciousness made from pure Naturata sugar, Erdhof Seewalde’s stellar cream and a pinch of salt. Perfect for your sweet breakfast, any dessert or to have straight from the glass.

Honeycomb – Mädelfleiß

Taste the richness of Berlin’s flowers and blossoms in combination with the fine texture and intensity of natural honeycomb.

Einkorn Koikuchi Shoyu – Mimi Ferments

Soy sauce as it should be: straight forward, strong and savoury. Made with Bavarian soy beans and Einkorn grain from Mittelfranken. Perfect with fish, meat, in your dressing or on chocolate ice cream.

Hazelnut Butter – Pars!

Pure and intense. pars Pralinen’s hazelnut butter is made from  hazelnuts and a little salt. Add to your musli, your sandwich or have it straight out of the jar.

Coriander Seed Oil – Ölmühle an der Havel

100 % coriander seed, old pressed at Ölmühle an der Havel. An incomparably aromatic oil and brilliant match for carrots or potato-based dishes. 

Fermented White Beetroot

Fermented white beets with ethereal lavender – guaranteed to satisfy your sour gherkin and sauerkraut cravings. Be sure to appreciate its beautiful marbling!

Elderflower Shower Gel – Frank Leder

A wonderfully soothing shower gel made with the essence of foraged elderflower. Reminiscent of homemade elderflower syrup, yet much better to use on your skin. 

Coda Chocolate

Fantastic chocolate courtesy of Germany’s first and only dessert restaurant. 100% handmade from fairly traded cocoa from Ecuador.

Saints Cocktail – Becketts Kopf

An enchanting relative of the gimlet made by Prenzlauer Berg’s legendary bar: floral notes and a base of citrus with a dry sense of humour and an elderflower imagination.

Condom – Einhorn

Our all-time favourites. You know how to use these.

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