Your Supper for one person

As part of your supper, you’ll always receive a loaf of bread from Florian Domberger Brotwerk Moabit, cream cheese from Erdhof Seewalde as well as a bottle of oil from Ölmühle an der Havel. Along with that, you’ll receive four vegetable-based dishes, one richer, more filling dish as well as a dessert. 

This is plenty for one person. You’re welcome to book yourself an extra meat course if you feel so inclined.

Please be sure to place your order by 6 p.m. the previous day.


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For a better impression

  • White cale with lovage seeds
  • onion jam with buttermilk
  • smoked mashed potatos
  • Brussel sprouts with walnuts
  • Celeriac with beer sauce
  • cheesecake taste with herbal liquor

and here a picture…

The stay at home version of our signature 10-course meal. Lovingly prepared by us, cooked to perfection by you. This is what grumpy Micha has in store this coming week:

 We’re all about those warm, autumnal spices this month. Our delicate onion jam comes gently flavoured with caraway, plus we’ve gotten our hands on the best savoy cabbage from the fields of Brandenburg, which comes paired with hearty juniper. Our Italo-Swabian Sous Chef Lucas Klemm has shared with us his family’s traditional recipe for Spätzle with roasted onion, the quintessential South German soulfood. And if you’ve been to the restaurant in the colder season, perhaps you’ve already had our roasted celeriac root – here’s the at home version with blackcurrant wood oil, and it is just as spectacular! In addition, you can look forward to tender brussel sprouts with Vivian Böllersen’s walnuts. For meat eaters, there’s the option of booking yourself a wonderful venison ragout, courtesy of Jörn Korte. For dessert, we’re baking up a cheesecake with herbal liquor.

As always, your supper includes an entire loaf of sourdough bread by Florian Domberger, a bottle of fresh oil from Ölmühle an der Havel as well as a jar of cream cheese from Erdhof Seewalde.

Included in your supper
Connecting with others is essential. We’ve created a virtual dining table for you to join on the day of your delivery, which will allow you to share your experience with that day’s other guests. You’ll receive the Zoom link and password on the day of your booking.

Ever since the beginning of the lockdown our friends at Muting the Noise have been compiling recommendations for guests. This is our complete  Muting the Noise & Home playlist – save the link and keep listening!

Our food and drink are known to have certain effects. To be on the safe side, we’re including one Einhorn condom in your package. Just let us know if you require an extra large one. 

What you need to prepare your supper 

  • 4 -5 small or medium-sized pots
  • Stove with 4 stovetops. 2 will work as well. 
  • An oven
  • Cutlery (knife, fork, spoon), plates and bowls
  • Salt, vinegar, some water or organic butter
  • A kitchen knife and a bread knife
  • Bottle opener and/or corkscrew


What else?
While you’re at it, why not get yourself something sweet, savoury or liquid from our Hausgemachtes section? For more wines, check our wine list and write us a note or give us a call.

Please be sure to place your order by 6 p.m. the previous day.