Your Supper

As part of your supper, you’ll always receive a loaf of bread from Florian Domberger Brotwerk Moabit, cream cheese from Erdhof Seewalde as well as a bottle of oil from Ölmühle an der Havel. Along with that, you’ll receive four vegetarian dishes, one richer, more filling dish as well as a dessert.

This is plenty for one person. You’re welcome to book yourself an extra meat course if you feel so inclined.

Our food and drink are known to have certain effects. To be on the safe side, we’re including one Einhorn condom in your package. Just let us know if you require an extra large one. 

drinks selection

for one person



Your meal could look like this:

Baked celeriac root in brown butter, flavoured with juniper
Homemade sauerkraut with pickled dill flowers
Potato puree with smoked butter
Red beets in white beer sauce with rose petals
Shallots in buttermilk and delicate elderflowers
Champagne cream filled donuts