What would you like?

A complete meal or something special for breakfast, to spice up your home cooking efforts or a special bottle or two?


In our Hausgemachtes section, you’ll find all kinds of savoury and sweet treats: small meals, oils, spreads and cold cuts to transform your lunch sandwich into a feast, granola, ice cream,… and of course a selection of wines and beers from our well-stocked cellar.


Check out Daheim for a full meal prepared by Micha Schäfer and his team, inspired by whatever is cooking at Nobelhart & Schmutzig at the moment.


Our gift boxes for all lovers of true quality, chock full of deliciousness from our region and kitchen. And here you will also find our vouchers, a nice flexible alternative.


Seasonal classics and Nobelhart legends. Here’s our ever-growing compendium of inspiration.