Your Supper 100/200

...only on April 23rd & 24th in Berlin.

On the 23rd and 24th of April, Thomas Imbusch and Sophie Lehmann of Hamburg’s 100/200 will be contributing some of their signature dishes to your Daheim supper (for your Nobelhart & Schmutzig meal in Hamburg order here).

Like us, they appreciate responsible hedonism as much as responsible food production, so long as it yields results of the highest quality. Working closely with local producers, they too are all about showing the pleasure inherent to simple, excellent ingredients. We’re especially in awe of Thomas’s approach to cooking as true craftsmanship, in which he uses all parts of an animal – as a matter of respect for food as much as pleasure. And, with both Nobelhart and 100/200 favouring local produce and Hamburg and Berlin not being all that far apart, we even share some suppliers, for example Lars Odefey’s amazing chickens.

Having your meal on the day of the delivery is going to make for the best culinary experience. However, unless you’re very hungry, you’re probably going to have leftovers. They’ll taste great for lunch the next day.

Only in Berlin

We will deliver on both days between 5 and 8pm.
If you would rather pick up your meal, this is also possible between 5 and 8pm on both days.

For the 23rd of April

Please place your order until 6pm on Thursday, the 22nd of April.

For the 24th of April

Please place your order until 6pm on Friday, the 23rd of April.

If you are feeling really spontaneous, just give us a call. However, our capacities are limited, but we’ll do what we can.

On the 23rd and 24th of April, Thomas and Sophie from 100/200 will be preparing a complete vegetarian menu for you. You will find a detailed description here...


If you find yourself craving something meaty, be sure to order yourself 100/200’s extra meat course.


bottles of wine and beer
Also be sure to order yourself the 100/200 drinks package for the entire family to complete the experience



What you need to prepare your supper:

4-5 small or
medium-sized pots
Stove with 4 stovetops.
2 will work as well.
A kitchen knife and a bread knife
a corkscrew
Some Salt, vinegar, water & organic butter
& plates / bowls

Included in your supper:

Virtual Dinner Table

Connecting with others is essential. We’ve created a virtual dining table for you to join on the day of your delivery, which will allow you to share your experience with that day’s other guests. You’ll receive the Zoom link and password on the day of your booking.

Something To Listen To

Ever since the beginning of the lockdown our friends at Muting the Noise have been compiling recommendations for guests. This is our complete  Muting the Noise & Home playlist – save the link and keep listening!


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If you still have questions regarding your supper, please don’t hesitate to contact us,
Monday – Sunday,
10am – 8pm